Publications and Services

Ardinger Consultants & Associates (ACA) provides a wide range of consulting services including:

On-site Evaluations
Building-plan Reviews

Technical Assistance
Evaluation and Technical Review of Completed Evaluations

Expert Witness Services

ACA's publications are developed using a self-instructional model, utilizing charts and a question and answer format.  Self-Evaluation Guides and Publications available to order:

ADA Self-Evaluation Guide for Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, Public and Charter Schools – Inclusion and participation by students with physical and mental disabilities seem like unquestioned values.  It continues to also be accurate to state that some students have to struggle for effective participation. $79.95
ADA Self-Evaluation Guide for the Legal System; Courts and Correctional Facilities – Laws such as the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 made discrimination (intentional or effectual) illegal, has certainly not meant the end of discrimination.  An effective way to begin is the self-evaluation process. $79.95
Self-Evaluation for Police and Fire Departments - $49.99

Self-Evaluation for Public Accommodations for Hotels and Motels – Increasing your customer base through ADA. $49.95
ADA Self-Evaluation Guide for Retail Business – Critical Points of Contact and the ADA. $49.95

ADA Self-Evaluation Guide for Banks – Self-evaluation for Banks. $39.95

ADA Self-Evaluation for Restaurants and Food Services – ADA and Customer Services for Restaurants and Food Services. $49.95

Self-Evaluation for Medical Facilities
– Increase Use by Persons with Disabilities. $79.95

Principles of Accessibility: Design, Reasonable Accommodation and Construction and Universal Design Guide - $99.95

Emergency Evacuation Guide for Persons with Disabilities and Persons Needing Assistance - $29.95

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Guide and Guidebook to Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification - $49.95