ACA’s Field Accessibility Survey Tool Kit  contains all of the tools you’ll need in one, small, lightweight briefcase to conduct an assessment of any physical area or property, housing, public accommodation, university/college area (including dorm rooms) and government building. Each FAST KIT© includes a tape measure, slope detector, door-pressure gauge, stud detector, threshold-measuring device, chalk line, building-plan (blue print) overlay and ruler, 3 throw-down floor templates for measuring clear floor space, 5-foot turning circle, and T-turn, and a basic instructional manual.  We also include accessibility standard(s) and itemized checklist for determining compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAG) and the Fair Housing Act Accessibility Standard (FHAG). 

The Thought Behind the Development of the FAST KIT© -  ACA has been providing technical assistance, training and consulting in a number of areas, including accessibility.  We have heard many comments regarding the facts that there is inconsistent information, that consumers are often unable to have input into the process, and that the same professionals who build, rehabilitate and operate facilities are too often also hired to evaluate the lack of accessibility (often at great costs and without involving consumers). The goal of creating the FAST KIT© system was to provide consumers, facility developers and managers, universities, colleges, government programs, and civil rights offices with a means of proactively assessing the degree of compliance with civil rights laws, including the ADA, Section 504, and the Fair Housing Act, as well as state and local building code. 

FAST KIT©are available in the following versions:

  • Basic FAIR HOUSING FAST KIT© - $300
  • FAIR HOUSING TRAINING FAST KIT© - $375 (Includes 64-Slide Power Point Training Presentation on CD and Instructor’s Training Guide with  Executive Summary of FHA)
  • ADA/504 FAST KIT© - $325 (Includes Basic FAST KIT components plus UFAS and ADAAG Standards on CD and a Metal Stud Sensor)
  • ADA/504 TRAINING FAST KIT© - $395 (Includes ADA/504 FAST KIT components plus ADA/ADAAG Power Point Presentation on CD and ADA Training Guide)
  • COMBINATION FAIR HOUSING/ADA/504 FAST KIT©- $375 (Includes Fair Housing and ADA/504 FAST KIT components)
  • COMBINATION FAIR HOUSING/ADA/504 TRAINING FAST KIT©- $450  (Includes Fair Housing and ADA/504 components, and training materials)


                                                                           *ALL FAST KIT© PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING


All You'll Need to Evaluate
Accessibility and Compliance with Federal, State and Local
Civil-rights Laws and Area Building Codes.